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Cooking Schools 101 is an independent, unbiased resource that’s designed to allow future culinary-school students to research and compare the diverse world of cooking-education institutes. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a head chef, line cook or restaurant manager, then this educational site can help you turn those dreams into reality and plan for an exciting career in the culinary arts.

Cooking Schools 101 provides you with access to a comprehensive guide to choosing the right cooking school. You’ll find valuable tips for evaluating a school and can learn everything you need to know about accreditation and reputation. Additionally, you can move through the application process and find out about all of the costs you can expect to incur, including tuition and other fees (but don’t worry too much; you’ll also find information about the basics of financial aid and scholarships). Lastly, you can compare the different certificate and degree program options that are available at the various cooking schools and examine the emerging availability of cooking schools online. Those who are ready to apply to a cooking school can browse the directory of cooking schools to find a quality culinary institute close to home.

Some cooking schools are renowned around the world for the comprehensive, high- quality education they provide. At Cooking Schools 101 you can review several of the nation’s top cooking schools, including the Culinary Institute of America, the New England Culinary Institute and the French Culinary Institute.

The culinary-arts industry is growing, and it offers myriad career opportunities in a variety of sectors, including restaurants, travel, hospitality and recreation. Here you can access detailed information regarding the career prospects of jobs in the industry, including executive chef, personal chef, sous chef, chef de partie and more.

The industry is so hot, in fact, that for the first time some chefs are achieving a level of fame and fortune previously reserved for rock stars! At Cooking Schools 101, you can learn all about several of the nation’s most famous celebrity chefs, such as Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray.

Finally, a lot of people aren’t interested in a formal education in the culinary arts, but still want to learn more about cooking. For these food lovers, you can find information about cooking school vacations, cooking conferences and workshops and even cooking classes for kids.

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