Online Cooking Schools

Culinary arts education in the virtual world

Some people are just too busy to take the six or eight hours needed to attend daily classes at a cooking school. This is particularly true for people with children and people who want to continue working at another job while attending cooking school. Because of this, some schools have begun to offer their culinary-arts programs in a virtual environment.

Online cooking schools and culinary programs have become quite popular over the past few years. Online cooking courses provide the same training as normal culinary schools, but do not require that students physically attend class. Instead, students read notes, complete assignments and take tests entirely online. Email is used as the primary medium of communication between students and their instructors.

Some of the main benefits of an online education include the following:

  • No campus attendance is required. You don’t ever have to commute, and you can never be late for a class.
  • You’re free to learn at your own pace. You can fast track through the program if you want, or choose to take your time.
  • All tests and exams are open book.

Online cooking-school programs allow students to earn a culinary arts degree (including associates's degrees and Bachelor's degrees). If you have already obtained your Associate’s degree, you may be able to upgrade to a Bachelor’s degree online. Some people choose to enroll in online cooking programs to get the training they need for the career they want. Others do it simply because they love learning about cooking.

No Hands On Training

It’s important to note that, if you choose to enroll in an online culinary-training program, you won’t necessarily receive the same (or any) hands on cooking experience. Because some online courses accept people from all over the world, it would be practically impossible to organize any kind of hands on training course. Many students try to make up for this deficiency by practicing cooking at home. If you feel that hands on training is necessary in order to receive a comprehensive culinary-arts education, perhaps enrolling in an online cooking program isn’t for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about online cooking and culinary-arts programs, have a look at Cooking Schools 101’s cooking schools directory for a list of the best cooking schools in the United States.

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