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Everything you want to know about the culinary arts

When it comes to culinary arts education, there are a lot of different types of information you will need, including how much cooking school costs, what programs are available and how to apply. Before you commit to a serious culinary education, you also need to be aware of career possibilities and the nation’s top cooking schools.

However, there are also a lot of little details when it comes to learning to cook. This information relates not only to culinary arts education, but to culinary arts as a whole. It may take time to learn the skills you need to make the perfect soufflé, but your adventures in cooking can begin as you build a solid base of knowledge that will give you a head start in your culinary career.

For starters, did you know that for most professionals, a chef uniform is required? This is an aspect of culinary education that often gets taken for granted by those in the industry. What many people don’t realize is that some students apply to cooking school right out of high school and have never worked in a kitchen, so they have no idea what kind of gear must be worn by cooks. Cooks wear a specific uniform not only because it makes them look professional, but also because it’s designed to protect them from things like burns and slippery floors.

The history of culinary arts education provides an interesting context for those looking to get into the profession. For example, in the 1800s, most chefs were educated in apprenticeship programs. You can chart the history of the culinary industry up to present day by taking a look at the establishment of the first cooking schools and accrediting bodies and several other important events that have helped shape the contemporary landscape of culinary education.

Finally, every good cook needs a dictionary of culinary terms. Have you ever wondered what it means to "blanch" a vegetable or to "reduce" a liquid? Are you unsure of exactly what the "julienne" style of cutting is? It’s tough to keep up with the rest of the class if you’re not sure exactly what they’re doing! From "à la carte" to "zest", there are many key culinary terms that can cause cooking school students unnecessary confusion.

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